Curry Endodontics

Marcus C. Curry, DDS, MS

Greetings from Curry Endodontics

Welcome to Curry Endodontics.  Perhaps your dentist recently told you, "You need a root canal."  If you feel anxious about it, we understand.  Many people do.  We also know you are going to do just fine.  We do many things to make an experience you may not be looking forward to, one you will look back on with positive feelings.  Please look through our site.  Get to know something about how your comfort and well-being occupies first place in our minds.  We are already looking forward to your time with us.

                                                                                                                   -Dr. Curry & Staff

Practice Profile

Curry Endodontics strives to provide competent endodontic care to all who require treatment.  It is our responsibility to educate each patient regarding the risks, benefits, and alternatives associated with endodontic treatment.  We feel confident that after the consultation process, you will be well educated on the process and purpose of endodontics and be able to make an informed decision on the treatment you desire.  Curry Endodontics is a state-of-the-art endodontic practice that utilizes all the latest technologies to provide competent endodontic care.  These technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • The surgical operating microscope offers increased magnification and illumination to visualize the internal anatomy of your tooth.  Thereby, aiding us to provide you with better treatment.
  • Sterilization is extremely important to us at Curry Endodontics.  Endodontics requires that all instruments introduced into the tooth be sterile and free of bacteria, as the goal of endodontic treatment is to eliminate bacteria from the inner portion of your tooth.  The Adec Lisa Autoclave is a Class B sterilizer.  It is by far the highest qulaity autoclave on the market.  The sterilization techniques that we implement surpass the all regulations regarding sterilization.
  • Curry Endodontics utilizes digital radiography to achieve higher resolution, and reduce the exposure time of radiation to our patients.
  • Curry Endodontics is a completely "paperless office."  The Digital Office (TDO) is dental practice software that allows our patients and referrring doctors the ability to view and update information online at their convenience.  Online registration is a time saving advantage for our patients.  Feel free to contact our office for more details and instructions about this process.
WiFi Available

Curry Endodontics is pleased to announce that we offer free WiFi for our patients.  Please feel free to bring your laptop  or tablet with you to peruse the internet while you wait.